How to Draw Asterix

Learn to Draw Asterix Like Uderzo


I just spent a painful half hour looking for the best Youtube video that teaches how to draw our favourite Gaul. They're mostly TERRIBLE. The best one by far is from a dude called Draw Raptor - below is the video after a summary of his technique.

The Head

Start drawing the nose as it's the reference for all the elements of the face.

Be sure the eyes aren't higher than the tip of the nose.

The cheek is very round, like a quarter of a circle. Be sure you don't draw it too large.

The ear is not round but with very open rounded corners at its top and bottom areas.

The moustache is tricky. The left part comes down from the middle to the lower part of the nose. The right part comes out from the lower part of the cheek.

The moustache and chin are flexible to draw but the way you draw them will do a lot to change Asterix's expression. Try not to draw this set larger than the nose.

The helmet's wings are just slightly higher than the face.

Draw five feathers per wing, plus one inside the widest part.

The Body

The neck is just a little rounded space between the two tips of the moustache.

Draw one curved line that leans forward to make the outline of the chest and stomach. Use the nose as the left limit so the curve doesn't go further than that.

For your first tries, draw the arm behind his back - it'll be easier!

The waist leans forward, too, so draw it as though it curves towards the right elbow. Give him a wide belt. The belt has three large circles - two are partially hidden behind the foremost one.

On the belt Asterix keeps a sword (which he mostly only uses in the very early comics, sadly). The hilt is cubic, like a dice. Draw criss-crossing leather straps on the sheath.

The Legs

Asterix's heels touch each other, so draw the legs towards a common area. If you draw the bottom of the legs so that they are aligned with the head and helmet it should create a feeling of balance.

Asterix doesn't wear sneakers - what he has on his feet are more like bags - they have ties around the ankles.

His feet are long so they end up being wider than his body - this makes him look short (which he is!) 

Then ink the contours.

Let the ink dry, then you can erase the pencil markings. Et voilà!


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