Asterix in Podcast Land

I listen to a lot of podcasts but yesterday was the first one that had an episode about Asterix. I thought this site could use a library of Asterix podcast shows or episodes.

(Hopefully someone will make something as good as Totally Tintin.)

boring talks podcast.jpg

The Boring Talks (BBC)

This is a show where people give presentations on topics that they find interesting that the rest of the world, well, doesn’t. For example, episode 27 is about Dutch Landscape Paintings - dull pictures of people standing near windmills.

Now maybe I’m crazy but I find them all fascinating, and because it’s the BBC it’s super well-made. Listen before sleeping to help yourself unwind.

But episode 28 is why we’re here. Tracy King gives the talk, and it’s all about puns in the Asterix series. Right off the bat I learned that Obelix isn’t a pun but a DOUBLE pun. Bet you didn’t know the second meaning.

And she talks about some of her favourite names. It’s all very charming, but I especially like when she talks about how the comics were like a journey of discovery. I’m pretty sure I, too, frowned every time I read the name Vercingetorix, trying to find the pun.

Download the episode on your podcast app or click here to see the BBC’s official page.