Asterix: Mansions of the Gods Movie Reviews

So there's a new Asterix animation out, and it's getting pretty good reviews! I'm a bit surprised. Here's a round-up.

[I'll include my own review here... once I've seen it.]

The Daily Express

... a vibrant cartoon which uses cutting-edge 3D animation but is wholly faithful to the sophisticated plotting and satire of the books.
... a rollicking farce involving magic potions, wild-boar hunts and people being slapped around the face with fish, but it’s also an intelligent commentary on deforestation, gentrification, immigration, inflation and several other “ations”.
Forget Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool. This is the comic-book adaptation of the year.


The Guardian

The latest Asterix is a distinctive, energised 3D animation, redubbed by British comic talent including Matt Berry, Jim Broadbent, and Dick and Dom.

(Am I the only person who has never heard of Dick and Dom?)

Youthful newcomers and devotees alike will be chuckling early and often.

The Irish Times

Making Gaul great again
The CG might be a little algorithmic but this new animated feature based on the much-loved Asterix adventure Mansion of the Gods is a marked improvement on the same franchise’s live actioners starring Gérard Depardieu.