Asterix and the Sassenachs - Fun for Five Minutes

I knew that Asterix had been translated into tons of languages - 114 at last count - but had no idea one of them was Scottish (AKA 'Scots' by Scottish people). But I was taken aback to see a book on Amazon called Asterix and the Sassenachs.

Here it is:

Asterix and the Sassenachs (Scots)
By Rene Goscinny

Now, for a few minutes I thought this would be awesome. The bits I could find available on a Google image search were pretty great. Check this out:

Somehow it works - 'doesnae use his napper' is superb! - it's earthy and colourful and in my imagination the Gauls probably spoke like that, except the Druids, who definitely sounded like the Fremen in Dune.

But then I dug deeper and found an article in The National - a Scottish newspaper. It seemed to be about Asterix the Gallus (the first of FIVE Asterix books translated into Scots) but was actually about the Scots language itself.

I skimmed it looking for the Asterix reference the header image promised, and didn't find it. So I had to read more carefully. Here's a sample:


God, it's tiring. It's like trying to read medieval English. Ettled? It could mean a dozen things. I'm too tired to think when I read comics! I work hard, I want to chillax! Leave me alone!

Scots reminds me a lot of the Wee Free Men in the Terry Pratchett books (for obvious reasons), except Pratchett never let it get out of hand. I guess what I'm saying is that Scots speakers should remodel their language on a fictional book for children.

Actually, that's not what I'm saying, because one of my best friends is Scottish and he campaigned to get a street sign in Zurich changed because it said James Watt was an 'Englander'.

I'd love to hear from a Scots speaker about how well the jokes work, if there are Latin translations, and how it feels compared to the English versions. Please get in touch! [Also if Asterix was translated into your language, same questions.]