'Leicester are like Asterix'

As I watch Leicester City get a last-gasp penalty and equaliser in the last 15 seconds of their latest crazy game of their unrealistic season, I receive an email with a link to an article on FourFourTwo, the football website. In it, Austrian left-back Christian Fuchs compares his team with our empire-defying Gauls.

No mention is made of rumours that a certain Leicester player has been taking 'magic potion'.

Article highlights:

Fuchs: Leicester are like Asterix

In the Asterix comics, ancient Gauls Asterix and Obelix would fight against the Roman Empire to defend their village from occupation, and Fuchs says Leicester are doing similar things this season.

Fuchs' side are top of the Premier League table with five four games to play, seven eight points clear of Tottenham, and the Austria international says their success comes from ignoring what is happening outside of their own "little cottage".

"We never said at all that this is our goal to win the championship," he told the Guardian.
"People can talk whatever they want, we never get affected by it. So many people were talking at the beginning of the season, saying: 'It's only a matter of time before they break down'.
"You know what we did? Like Asterix and Obelix we just stayed safe in our little cottage, we tried to fight all these guys out there, we never listened to all those people talking, only focused on our strengths.

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