Asterix and Obelix will be the mascots for the 2017 hockey World Championship

The hockey World Championship will be hosted by France and Germany, and although Asterix and Obelix have pounded their fists into approximately 30,000 Goths over the course of the comic series, Germans can't seem to get enough of the pair.

Of course, their popularity in France is no mystery, and French Ice Hockey Federation President Luc Tardif said, "We are very proud to have Asterix, a global brand from France, enrich our joint German-French 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in an extremely likeable way.

"The persevering battle of the small Gaulish village against the superior Roman Empire symbolises the trial of strength between two opponents who are seemingly unequal, as is often the case in ice hockey.

"Also during the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, there will be exciting encounters, in which underdogs on paper will fight for their chance against more favourite teams and they sure will get it.

"For our fans and the participating teams, Asterix and Obelix symbolise role models to show: nothing is impossible.”


The slogan for the event seems to be 'together for 2017', which would make more sense if the mascots were Asterix and Tintin, or the Road Runner and the coyote (i.e. not two men who already spent a lot of time together).

The president of the German Ice Hockey Federation, Franz Reindl, added: "Together with our French colleagues of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Organising Committee we could win Asterix and Obelix to become our official mascots.

"This has been a giant coup for the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Cologne and Paris and also for the game of ice hockey in general, because the two Gaulish heroes have gained an enormous popularity amongst the world."

The tournament beings May 5, 2017 and ends May 21.