The 7 Caricatures I Missed from my Cameotastic List

Here at Everything Asterix, we do our best. And yes, our best is sensationally good. But still, we are human and don't have magic potion to help us.

Our list of the 24 Best Cameos was great, but incomplete. With a little help from our eagle-eyed fans, here are a few parodies and caricatures we missed:


Jean-Paul Rouland as Absolutilifabulous

in Asterix and Obelix All at Sea. 

Wikipedia lists him as a 'radio personality' while IMDB says he's most remembered for writing the 1977 film 'Dear Inspector'.

Who to believe? Anyway, he was a big enough deal to get his own Asterix caricature (which I missed first time round because I'm not French).

Jean Gabin as Pontius Pilate

In Asterix and the Black Gold.

A key figure in French movie history, today I learned that you don't get much information about him if you type his name wrong into Google.

He was a war hero and once had an affair with Marlene Dietrich that is described as 'torrid'. Which is awesome.



Tony Curtis as Erix the Pirate

in Asterix and the Banquet

I knew this one was a cameo and I knew I knew his face... but I couldn't place the name! I stumbled across a site that said it was Tony Curtis, who starred in a film called The Vikings (who were sort of like pirates? I guess?). The caricature is quite good - the eyebrows and chin are distinctive - but why is the hair white?

Update -  Supercalifragilistix in the comments below has pointed out that I'm mistaken here. Take a peek at what he has to say and do check the link he posted.


Romy Schneider as Latraviata

in Asterix and the Actress

I missed this one because I had never read Asterix and the Actress. Latraviata looks a bit muscular in this image but is all svelte and willowy generally. Romy Schneider was the first actress to win a 'Cesar' - a French acting honour (it's referenced in the comic).

She played the iconic role 'Sissy' in a series of movies that everyone in Central Europe is obsessed with. After a thorough image search for Miss Schneider, I'm more than willing to give them a watch.

Julian Assange as Confoundtheirpolitix

in Asterix and the Missing Scroll

It's obvious why I missed this one from the list - Missing Scroll wasn't out yet!

Julian Assange is best known for leaking stolen information and being a bit of a weirdo. Nevertheless, his treatment by various governments is shady and shameful and thumbs up to the Asterix team for taking his corner.

James Coburn as The Soothsayer

from Asterix and the Soothsayer

Oh my god! How did I miss this one? This would be pretty high in the list if I'd known about it. James frikkin Coburn!

Now that you've seen it, you can never un-see it!

Martin Potter as ‘Blond Guy in Orgy’

in Asterix in Switzerland

martin potter asterix.jpeg

Lukin Brewer wrote in to point out that the famous cheese orgy is an homage to Fellini's "Satyricon" and a cameo of lead character Encolpio (as played by Martin Potter) appears in the first panel of page 3 (the golden blond youth over at the right).

Right, that's GOT to be all of them. Right? 

Do let me know if I missed any!

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