Asterix and the Missing Scroll: Villain Revealed!

The identity of the next Asterix villain has been revealed. In Asterix and the Missing Scroll (Oct 22, 2015), Caesar will have a new advisor. This guy:

His English name will be 'Blockbustus' and given his names in other languages we can expect his specialty to be in the world of advertising.

Blockbustus will be yet another Asterix cameo - the character has been modeled after a famous French advertising mogul. Jacques Ségéla founded the advertising agency Euro RSCG (now Havas Advertising)

Descriptions of the character and his motivations make him sound like a cross between troublemaker Tortuous Convolvulus in Asterix and the Roman Agent and mischievous economist Caius Preposterus from Obelix and Co.

Didier Conrad, the artist who replaced Uderzo, explained some of his choices in a recent interview with the French Huffington Post. For example, why the long hair? 

The long hair was a way to counterbalance the big nose and hide his neck a bit. Otherwise his face would have seemed a little too crooked. It was also a way to rejuvenate him a little; it’s an old man trying to look young ...

An interesting insight into the artist's thought process. Let's hope the new book is as interesting...