Boy Vandalises Asterix Book; Becomes National Treasure

'I fell asleep reading,' wrote Toronto-based Asterix fan Jackson Dowler in a cute letter of apology to his local library. The 8 year old was mortified to wake up and realise his borrowed comic had fallen from his bed and become damaged. Instead of slapping on some sticky-tape and wiping his fingerprints from the cover (like any normal kid), Jackson wrote the following note:

It says 'I am sorry that a page ripped when it fell out of my bunk when I fell asleep reading. It won't happen again. I'm sorry, from Jackson.'

The library (the Main Street branch of the Toronto Public Library) posted the note on Facebook and the response was a massive, collective 'aww!'

So universal was the acclaim for the little bookworm that the library tracked him down and lavished him with books.

What an adorable little tyke!