The World Cup of Asterix

Which is the best Asterix comic?

Which is the best Asterix comic?
Does the quality go down after the death of Goscinnny?
Won't someone please answer my questions?!

The World Cup of Asterix will decide everything once and for all.

Asterix and Obelix traveled all over the world in 34 adventures, from Egypt to America to Atlantis (!). Along the way they had humourous highs and lacklustre lows. 

In Round One, the 34 comics will pair up against each other in chronological order, so that comic #1, Asterix the Gaul, will fight #34, Asterix and the Picts. The 17 that remain will make the knockout stage (in one match, 3 comics will slug it out - the group of death!)

The comics will continue to knock each other out until the grand final, which will be televised live in over 300 different countries.

The winner will get a special ribbon that can be stuck on the cover of the comic, increasing sales by as much as 20%

Join us for the World Cup of Asterix!

(That is all 100% clear right? We read two comics, decide which is best, loser goes home, winner stays to fight another day. It's crystal clear! Stop asking questions!)

What Makes a Good Asterix Book?

Alexander Matthews perfectly summed up how I feel when he wrote this:

There are few elements of Asterix that I have taken into consideration in my reviews.

  1. Firstly I think that the magic potion device should not create incongruities in the story. In a few books the potion must be pretty much forgotten about for long passages in order to generate some dramatic tension. When you have essentially invincible characters you have to be clever to work around that problem, and on occasion that doesn’t happen. Even though these are humourous stories, the series has its own internal logic, and it rings false when that is forgotten.

  2. Secondly, I think in the very best stories Asterix uses his cunning to confuse and confound his enemies - the best books have lots of this stuff.

  3. Thirdly, the parodies of people and places should feel fleshed out.

  4. Finally, I like to see great peripheral characters and antagonists.

Asterix World Cup - The Quarter Finals

The quarter finals pit FOUR books against each other - one from each group will make it through to the semi-finals.

Quarter Final #1

Asterix the Gaul vs Golden Sickle vs Cleopatra vs Big Fight

Quarter Final #2

Asterix in Britain vs Black Gold vs Legionary vs Spain

Quarter Final #3

Roman Agent vs Gladiator vs Banquet vs Chieftain's Shield

Quarter Final #4

Obelix and Co. vs Great Crossing vs Switzerland vs Mansions of the Gods

Semi Final #1

Cleopatra vs Obelix and Co.

Semi Final #2

Legionary vs Roman Agent

The Grand Final

? vs ?