Asterix and the April Fool's

Ah, the first of April. A chance for every idiot in the world to behave idiotically and take pride in it. What a humourous and appealing day it is! What larks, what fun.

You might realise I'm being sarcastic, but did you realise that there once was an Asterix-related April Fool's prank? 

In comparison to a lot of other such 'jokes', it was quite articulate and classy (not many other pranks involve the word 'promontory'!). It was in 1993 in The Independent newspaper (which used to be respectable until it turned itself into an ungodly mishmash of Buzzfeed and The M*** Online).

Here's what they printed:

asterix april fool
Professor Barry Cunliffe and Dr Patrick Galliou

Barry Cunliffe (left) and Patrick Galliou