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New Stuff

This Ace Jigsaw Puzzle

This looks like a whole heap of fun. Apparently there are cafes in Japan where you get a tea and a jigsaw and just pass the time. Sounds pretty sweet to me.


Soft Dogmatix Toy

Adorable plush Dogmatix toy. Buy it for your niece, but never give it to her. It's so fluffy!

Features: cries if trees are felled nearby. Helps you track wild boar.



'Oh, you look fabulous! Asterix t-shirts are so sexy. Can I have your phone number? No, never mind that. Take me to Vegas and let's get married already.'


Asterix and Obelix playing peek-a-boo. AS OWNED BY THAT CELEBRITY YOU LIKE.

If you buy this, girls will playfully touch your chest. You will like it.

The perfect shirt to wear in a bar. Black is slimming. Breaks the ice at parties.

Omnibuses / Omnibii

Quickly build your Asterix collection with an Omnibus pack. One day I'll write an article about which omnibus would make the best Christmas present for a beloved nephew. Fun fact - this page ranks quite highly for the obscure search term 'best Christmas present for a beloved nephew'. When you follow this link you'll see all the other ones in Amazon's 'related searches' section.

By Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo

What joy is was to be alive, but to be young in a library that had an Asterix omnibus was very heaven!

Well do I remember speed-reading every new Asterix I could get my hands on, then going back to the start, reading more slowly, burning every frame into my memory forever.

The best thing was that I always forgot most of the things, so as long as I waited a few months between readings, there would be plenty of enjoyment to be had.

And now that I'm a middle-aged man with a middle-aged man's salary and ennui, I yearn for my lost innocence and recreate my childhood by buying Asterix omnibuses.

One day I shall possess them all!

The Complete Asterix Box Set

This includes every Asterix book (up to Picts). What more is there to say? Except 'yes I want it, by Toutatis! I want it so bad!' How much is it? Who the devil cares? I work hard! I deserve nice things!

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