Buy Asterix things! I've used advanced technology to find the best, cutest, funnest Asterix swag and clicking buy *should* take you to your local Amazon store.

New Books

For Kids and the Young at Heart

Asterix and Obelix T-Shirts

'Oh, you look fabulous! Asterix t-shirts are so sexy. Can I have your phone number? No, never mind that. Take me to Vegas and let's get married already.'

Asterix and Obelix playing peek-a-boo. AS OWNED BY THAT CELEBRITY YOU LIKE.

If you buy this, girls will playfully touch your chest. You will like it.

The perfect shirt to wear in a bar. Black is slimming. Breaks the ice at parties.

Omnibuses / Omnibii

Quickly build your Asterix collection with an Omnibus pack. One day I'll write an article about which omnibus would make the best Christmas present for a beloved nephew.

What joy is was to be alive, but to be young in a library that had an Asterix omnibus was very heaven!

Well do I remember speed-reading every new Asterix I could get my hands on, then going back to the start, reading more slowly, burning every frame into my memory forever.

The best thing was that I always forgot most of the things, so as long as I waited a few months between readings, there would be plenty of enjoyment to be had.

And now that I'm a middle-aged man with a middle-aged man's salary and ennui, I yearn for my lost innocence and recreate my childhood by buying Asterix omnibuses.

One day I shall possess them all!

The Complete Asterix Box Set

This includes every Asterix book (up to Picts). What more is there to say? Except 'yes I want it, by Toutatis! I want it so bad!' How much is it? Who the devil cares? I work hard! I deserve nice things!

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