Note - This project is on hold until I find a new artist. I hope to get it back on its feet in 2017!

Asterix vs Hitler - Introduction

Asterix versus Hitler is a brand new unofficial Asterix adventure that reinvents and reimagines the legend. 

It has been said that the quality of Asterix dropped after the sad death of René Goscinny. And without being all coy and respectful about it, it's actually totally true. So what's the solution? Asterix and the Picts? Ple-ease. There's only one way to restore the franchise to its former glory - write a comic my own damn self.

You've read the title! You know it's going to be awesome! Let's get this party started!

Page 1

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You can use the link above to navigate to the next installments. But first I'm going to beg for money.

It costs me actual cash money to have the drawings made, inked, and coloured. I'm going to use my own money to pay for the basic sketches because I'm having a lot of fun thinking up the story. If you like what you see and want to make sure every page ends up in colour, then please chip in with a small donation! Anything you send I'll use to get the pages inked and coloured.

Here's what the process looks like - from pencil to ink to the finished coloured version.







Why I started making comics

When I was a kid I sketched little comics all the time. There was a long period where I just assumed I would write comics for 70 years and die a national treasure. But then life got in the way. There were bills to pay and I couldn't draw for shit. It was only relatively recently that I realised I could make a pretty decent comic. There were two parts to that realisation. The first was finding websites where amazing artists around the world will work for you. And the second and maybe most important thing was finding a book called Making Comics.

It's the masterwork of a comic creator called Scott McCloud. If my flat was on fire, his book would be the first thing I'd save! (My girlfriend doesn't read this, so she'll never know.) The book explains every single thing you need to know about comics and how to make them - and the thing that blew my tiny little mind was that the book itself was a comic! Holy cow! It's just sensational. Go on Amazon, check out the 'look inside' and the reviews so you can see I'm not exaggerating, and then just frikkin buy it. It's crazy cheap compared to how much joy you'll get. It's also a fantastic present.


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